Wild Mail is an Europe-based ActiveCampaign reseller. Wild Mail includes our awesome analytics add-on Wildmetrics & our Relationship Funnel courses for free.

What are the benefits of Wild Mail?

(1) Analytics Features
Wild Mail offers different analytics features & integrations which are simply not available in ActiveCampaign:
    Coming Q1 2021 Stripe integration Integration your Stripe account into Wild Mail and see how much revenue each campaign, contact or automation generates.
    Coming Q1 2021 Contact Analytics See additional data points like purchase history, CLV, MRR, ARR, time on site etc.. to build more successful campaigns & funnels.
    Coming 2021 Attribution tracking Compare your different acquisition channels with tag-based attribution tracking to quickly learn which channel generates more ROI.
(2) Unique Method
We pioneered Respect-Based Marketing & Relationship Funnels and offer our strategy & templates right in Wild Mail for our customers.
    Learn more about Respect Based Marketing here.
    Learn more about Relationship Funnels here.
(3) Support via emails, courses and calls with our expert team.
    Our Wild Mail course can be found here.
    You can ask questions by email any moment, please read this article to understand how support works for Wild Mail.
    We often answer your questions and tickets by using custom videos to make it easier and faster for you to understand.
    Depending on your plans, you get access to an amount of success/onboarding calls to help you set up your account and solve your problems (Plus & Professional Plans only).
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