How much does Wildmetrics cost?

Wildmetrics is an analytics add-on for ActiveCampaign. If you already are an ActiveCampaign customer, you can start using Wildmetrics.

Waiting list

The current waiting time is a few weeks. We try to onboard new users as fast as possible and don't want to make you wait intentionally. Don't worry.

The reason there is a waiting list in first place is because we are currently upgrading our data infrastructure. We also onboard new accounts one by one which takes a little longer (but sets our users up for success).

Free Trial

You will get a 10-day free trial to test out Wildmetrics. During your free trial you will have access to all features & integrations.

After your free trial ends, there are two different ways to pay for Wildmetrics...

Use Wildmetrics for free

Wildmetrics can be used completely for free if you use ActiveCampaign through our reseller program called Wild Mail. You can learn more about Wild Mail here. If you already have a paid ActiveCampaign account, you can find more information about moving your account to our reseller program here. It takes less than one minute.

Using ActiveCampaign through our reseller program does not change your AC experience at all. Everything inside the app stays the same. The only difference is that you stop billing through AC and instead bill through us. We offer the exact same conditions and prices. You can pay in EUR or USD.

We can only offer Wildmetrics for free if you use your AC account through our reseller program. This is how we make money.

Here is what's included in the free version of Wildmetrics:

Not Included

You can use all features & reports with no limitations. You also get your entire data history as well as new real time data. All new feature updates are included as well. You can integrate ActiveCampaign with Wildmetrics.

Not Included

You can not integrate Stripe or any other integrations that we add to Wildmetrics (like Facebook ads). If you would like to integrate more tools besides ActiveCampaign, you would have to use the paid version of Wildmetrics.

Remember: Our reseller program is called Wild Mail and has the exact same prices as ActiveCampaign.

Pay for Wildmetrics

If you prefer not to work with our ActiveCampaign reseller program, you can still use Wildmetrics but you would have to pay for it - just like any other software app that you use in your business.

If you want to integrate Stripe or Facebook ads with Wildmetrics you would also have to use the paid version.

Pricing starts at 50€ / month billed every 6 months. This means our entry price is 300€ for a 6 months period (50€ x 6 months = 300€). This does not include VAT.

After 6 months you will be billed again if you don't cancel before. We don't do refunds but you can always cancel before being billed again.

Price lock

Prices mentioned above (including the free version of Wildmetrics) are subject of our price lock.

Generally speaking, our pricing is updating as we release new features. The more powerful WMX becomes, the higher the investment will be as you will also get more value from WMX. This means that the pricing you read about right now may be higher in a few days from now. We will always price fair.

If you invest into WMX in 2021, you will be able to keep your price until 2022. In other words, your price is locked until 2022.

In 2022, we will start to re-think our pricing model which is why there is a price lock until 2022.

The reason we do not offer life-time deals or legacy plans for early adopters is because we do not want to find ourselves in a situation with an unhealthy business model. We also believe that "deal hunters" are not our preferred customer base which is why we don't do lifetime deals 😉

If you get value from Wildmetrics, we believe it is fair that you pay for that value.

We think offering a pricing lock until 2022 allows for lower pricing for all founding customers joining in 2021 and therefore creates a win-win for everyone and enough flexibility to adapt to change. And we all know that change is certain.